Do Not Fear

The Bible records the response that people have when confronted with the presence of God in His holiness and might – they tremble in fear, usually sink to the ground prostrate, and seem to wish they were dead (Daniel actually almost died). But the Bible also records the tender and reassuring words of angels and the Lord Jesus to those lying in the dust before them: “do not fear.” We will all face times of fear, whether it be times of acute awareness of our own sin before a holy God or times of struggle through life’s difficulties. In the midst of these “waves of trouble,” we need the anchor of that powerful voice that was able to calm the seas with a word, the voice of our loving Lord reminding us to take heart and do not fear, for He is near. We need to remember who God is – the sovereign ruler of the universe who is also our loving father. He has a wise and loving plan in every difficulty, and reminds us to trust and hold onto Him even when we can’t understand the reason for our suffering. As you listen or sing, may you be encouraged with the beautiful truth that if you have put your trust in Jesus, you need not fear anything or anyone, for God has you securely in His hand.


Verse 1:
When the waves of trouble swell
And my heart is overwhelmed, I hear Him.
When the sun begins to fade
And storms my path invade, I hear Him.

A voice begins to rise,
It thunders through my cries
And takes me.

"Take heart, my troubled child, for I am near;
Remember who I am and do not fear."

Verse 2:
When my path is dark and wide,
And I can’t see the other side, I hear Him.
When the grave begins to call
And I feel my body fall, I hear Him.

"Though all you see is calamity
You need not fear for my voice you hear.
So calm your heart and let dread depart,
Come rest your soul and give me control;
I love you still, I love you still,
So come, be still, in Me."


Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2012 Hymnicity
CCLI Song #7005967