Fear and Sparrows

Fear is experienced by everyone. So, it is noteworthy that the most repeated command in the Bible is “Do not fear.”

This song meditates on Jesus’ instructions about fear in Luke 12:4-6. There Jesus encourages his disciples to not fear those who can kill the body but do nothing more after that. Why would we fear losing a life that will end anyway, particularly when an eternity lies beyond death?

But the fact that our enemies can “only kill us,” is not the end of fear. In fact, Jesus commands fear. Yes, he tells them, fear the one who can both kill you and cast you into hell! We have offended a God who has every right to send us to hell.

How ought we respond to the fear of God’s wrath? Jesus next command is, “Fear not.” We need not fear God’s wrath because God values us more than sparrows, worthless birds that God nevertheless remembers. We need not fear because, in his grace and through the gift of his Son, God is happy give us his kingdom (Luke 12:32). When we recall God’s love for us in Christ, we are free from fear, free to rest.


Why do you fear the one
With power to kill the body
And after that
Can do nothing more?
Why do you fear to lose
A life already passing?
Do you fear the one
Who cannot touch your soul?

Chorus 1:
I tell you: Fear the One
With the power to kill the body
And after death can cast the soul to hell.
I tell you: fear the Judge
Whose law you have rejected;
For His wrath is more than any word can tell.

Do not fear, my friends,
But watch the worthless sparrows -
God cares for them, though they are for pennies sold.
How can you fear when He
Your ev'ry hair has numbered,
Who gave His Son to ransom back your soul.

Chorus 2:
I tell you: Rest in him
Who killed his Son to save you;
Fear not, for he has raised him from the dead.
I tell you: Rest in him
For it is your Father’s pleasure
To give you all his kingdom in the end.


Words by Eric Schumacher, music by Jeff Bourque.
© 2012 Hymnicity, admin Hymnicity
CCLI Song #7037338