He Is the King

God created human beings in his image to be his representatives, ruling the whole earth together. But when sin entered the world, human governance was corrupted along with everything else. Selfishness, deception, and the mistreatment of others became the norm as righteousness and justice decreased. But God promised a redeemer, a ruler who would reign forever and make everything new. The Promised One is his own Son, Jesus the Messiah.

Today, God’s common grace continues to give us governments to discourage evil and promote what is good. Nevertheless, these are as fallen as the humans who hold authority. Our ultimate hope is King Jesus, who rules and reigns unlike anyone else. He conquered his enemies by surrendering to death. He rose from the dead to share his Kingdom with his redeemed enemies. He is incorruptible, perfectly just, generous, humble, and always trustworthy—and we put our hope in him alone forever.


Verse 1:
When man’s dominion is a prison,
Lords of war have trampled peace,
When those in power make us cower,
Violent chaos floods our streets,
We will not hope in what is broken:
Governments that fade or fail;
We stand united, undivided
With our King who shall prevail.

He is The King who serves his people,
The Prince who shares his wealth,
The Judge whose mercy never fails,
The Lord who gives himself.
He is The Warrior who surrendered,
The Sovereign who obeyed,
The Man who crushed mortality,
The God who rose to save;
He is the Lord of lords, King of kings!
To Christ alone our praise we bring.
He is the Lord of lords, King of kings!
To Christ alone our praise we bring.

Verse 2:
When we know plunder, pain, and hunger,
Leaders steal to fund their feasts
Or when a party or an army
Gives prosperity and peace,
We will not trust in earthly justice,
Finite words from mortal men;
We give to Jesus our allegiance
For his kingdom never ends.


By Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward
© 2024 Hymnicity
CCLI Song #7239488