O Christ, My Life

In his letter to the church Colossae, the Apostle Paul rejoiced to see how the gospel bore fruit among the Colossian believers. He longed for them to see the preeminence of Christ in all things—particularly in their salvation and future hope.

In Christ, God has made us alive, forgiven our sins, and triumphed over our demonic enemies. In Christ, God has freed us from the tyranny of man-made religion and given us a glorious future hope. Our old, sinful self has died, Paul writes, “and your life is hidden with Christ in God.” This guarantees a glorious future—”When Christ who is your life appears, then you will also appear with him in glory.”

“O Christ, My Life” celebrates this truth—that our life and hope is Christ himself. He reigns victorious in heaven, out of reach of every enemy that haunts our souls in this world. Our treasure can never fade and never fail—for Christ lives forever, and we live in him. What a joy to have a hiding place in Christ!


Verse 1:
My treasure lies in heaven, beyond this mortal veil,
Where death can never ruin, where foes cannot assail;
Secured through all the ages by a covenant of love,
A fount of endless riches awaiting me above.

Verse 2:
My peace and consolation will carry through the night;
It rests on the foundation of a gracious sacrifice.
My once-forsaken savior has tasted every grief;
The One who knows my weakness now runs to my relief.

O Christ, my life, my joy, my prize,
My soul will hide in you, O Christ, my life.

Verse 3:
My shield and my defender from all that haunts my soul
Has faced my condemnation and paid my debt in full.
Though death and hell assailed him they could not overcome
So when my strength shall fail me the vict’ry will be won.

Verse 4:
My pardon, my salvation, my righteousness, my life,
My hope of resurrection, is found alone in Christ.
No power can condemn me for he was crucified;
Since I have died with Jesus with him I shall arise!


By Jonathan Jackson, Eric Schumacher, & David L. Ward
© 2019 Hymnicity
CCLI Song #7145887