O Lord of Love

This hymn text is based on the folk song “Shenandoah” and its connotation of being a song for sailors longing to return home to the midwest over the Missouri river. Instead of longing for home or for homelands, this hymn portrays the Christian’s longing to see the Lord Jesus who dwells metaphorically beyond the Jordan River, returning to that theme throughout its four stanzas. The “daughter” language in stanza two refers to the Church and the “many years since I last felt you” refers to the experience all believers have at some point of being distant from the Lord. May the Lord increase our longing for heaven as we sing songs like this to Him and to one another.


Verse 1:
O Lord of love, I long to see you
Where you dwell, beyond the river.
O Lord of love, I long to see you
Where all your glory shines-
'Cross the Jordan's wide shore.

Verse 2:
O Lord of grace, I love your daughter;
You gave your son to sanctify her,
To wash her with your holy water-
Your pure and precious word
'Till we cross that last shore.

Verse 3:
Too many years since last I felt you
In the stillness of the morning;
Assure me now that I shall find you-
Let your kindness lead me home
'Cross the Jordan's near shore.

Verse 4:
O Lord of life, I long to hear you
For your voice commands the water;
Though fierce and strong, I need not fear you
In darkness you will guide
Cross the river at last.


Text: David L. Ward © 2024 Hymnicity
Tune: Shenandoah, American folk melody
CCLI Song #7239837