The Fountain of Grace

This song helps us remember that God’s grace is unending, infinite, and free. In Christ, he richly pours out this grace on all those who believe in Him. We sing that it perflectly cleanses, gives infallible cure from guilt, and demands that we receive it just as we are – utterly sinful. This song has an original chorus, something songwriter David Ward has been doing more of lately. It needed a focal/high point that made the theme more memorable and summarized the main theological points about this “fountain of grace”. Singers are also challenged to come – whether it is for initial or continued cleansing.


Verse 1:
The fountain of Christ, please help us to sing,
The blood of our Priest, our crucified King:
Which perfectly cleanses from guilt and from sin
And richly dispenses salvation within.

So come to the fountain of grace
Where guilt is uprooted and joy now abides in its place;
Where mercy and righteousness, gladness and peace
Pour out so richly - yet never to cease!
This is the fountain of grace.

Verse 2:
This fountain, from guilt, not only makes pure
And gives, soon as felt, infallible cure:
But if guilt returns and it tries to remain,
Its pow'r will remove it without any stain.

Verse 3:
This fountain, though rich, from cost is quite free,
The poorer the wretch will more welcome be.
Come needy, and guilty, with sin's ugly scar;
You can't come too filthy - come just as you are.


Words by Joseph Hart (1712-68) and David Ward. Music by David L. Ward.
© 2003 Hymnicity
CCLI Song #4406956