Thousand Tongues is proud to introduce our first congregational song written by Jake Armerding. Uncondemned is a poignant, moving, and extremely catchy song thematically reminiscent of Charles Wesley’s “And Can It Be.” It tells the story of each Christian’s understanding of how they were converted and what they feel when they look back on their life before they were “uncondemned.”


Verse 1:
All I remember
Is guilt like a cancer
And a life like a reprimand
But a Savior of mercy,
He found me and cured me
With the touch of His nail-scarred hand
And here I stand

Uncondemned, uncondemned,
By His blood, by His hand;
Uncondemned, uncondemned,
Praise the Lord, I have been

Verse 2:
With a heart ever breaking,
In a cell of my making,
In a prison of guilt and blame;
My chains, they fell off me,
And a voice called out softly,
"Come out and forget your shame
In Jesus name."


Words & Music by Jake Armerding
© 2013 Hymnicity