Worthy Book

In their book Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women, Eric Schumacher and Elyse Fitzpatrick argue that God’s worth is seen, in part, in what he has made. Therefore, as we see the worth of women, created in his image, we see the glory of God.

They share the conviction of Hymnicity that theology ought to lead to doxology. That is, knowing God should lead to worshipping God. So, Worthy ends with this original song by Eric and David, praising God for what he has done and what he has shown us of himself in the creation and redemption of women.

We pray it is useful in equipping and assisting you to remember and rejoice in the God who gives us worth and who is worthy of all praise.


Verse 1:
In your likeness and bearing your name
You have made us to rule and to reign
To be fruitful on earth and to image your worth-
Declaring it all "very good."
But we tarnished the worth of your name
And like Eve we were covered in shame,
But despite what was done you have promised a Son-
A king who would rescue and reign.

Worthy! You are worthy
Of all glory and honor and power and blessing and fame!
For you made us. In Christ, you saved us.
Make us worthy, Lord, to bear your name!

Verse 2:
Through the ages, in famine and feast
You have called from the greatest and least
Countless women of faith who found hope in your grace
And spoke of the kingdom to come.
From the weakness of young Mary's womb
Came a champion to conquer the tomb
One whose life and whose death would be our righteousness
And blessed is the one who believes!

Though we have fallen, we have strayed
And clothed ourselves in shame,
Though we have made ourselves unworthy of your name...
Though we are broken and abused,
Mistrusted and misused,
We find our hope, our joy,
Our life, our worth in you.

Verse 3:
By the Spirit your work has begun:
You are sending your daughters and sons
To bear children of faith by proclaiming your grace
'Til Christ and his kingdom have come.
On the day when all things are made new
We, the bride, will be brought to the Groom
And then clothed in his worth, we will rule on the earth
And all of creation will sing:

"Worthy! You are worthy
Of all glory and honor and power and blessing and fame!
For you made us. In Christ, you saved us.
Made us worthy, Lord, to bear your name!"


By Eric M. Schumacher & David L. Ward
© 2019 Hymnicity