Who We Are

Mission & Values

The vision of Hymnicity is to see hymns become a vital part of the Christian life.

We value…

  • The centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The priority and preciousness of the local church
  • Congregational, small group, and personal worship
  • Songs that teach, transform, and inspire
  • The importance of song leaders and planners
  • The creative act


Hymnicity was born through a love for hymns and a friendship. David & Eric have both been writing songs for the church to sing together for a very long time, and their desire to continue writing and sharing their songs and their vision for restoring hymns to Christian worship led to the formation of Hymnicity in 2019.

In 1999 David fell in love with hymns when he began reading a text-only hymnal which helped him to see them for the first time as poems. In contrast to the praise songs he was leading, they became a precious resource for private devotion and later public worship as he wrote new tunes to texts which did not have a dedicated or suitable tune. The response was so popular that he founded the original website reformedpraise.org. Eventually, this site was renamed thousandtongues.org, but in 2019 when Eric & David decided to re-launch their efforts with a slightly different emphasis, they formed a new organization with a new name: Hymnicity.

We are still at our core a publishing ministry, but realize that God has called us to do more than post songs and articles – to help us remember how important hymns are in all aspects of life. In an age when modern worship songs have often taken “center stage,” we hope to help restore a love for hymns that the church has treasured for centuries as well as new songs in their tradition and form.

What We Do

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• Free chord chart tools
• Podcast (coming soon)
• Worship Along the Way audiobook (coming soon)
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